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Sourcemaker 1x2' TUNGSTEN Kit
Sourcemaker 1x2' TUNGSTEN Kit
Sourcemaker 1x2' TUNGSTEN Kit

Sourcemaker 1x2' TUNGSTEN Kit

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Sourcemaker’s LED Blankets are an all-in-one lighting solution that sets up easily and adjusts fast. Our blankets are among the most versatile lighting options in the industry. Each blanket uses color correct LED ribbon to achieve a wide range of clean color temperatures, ranging from 2675K-6010K. Each LED ribbon strip is encased in a life extending highly durable plastic and can be removed from the blanket. With the included harness, each strip can be used separate from the blanket as an individual light source.

Sourcemaker LED Blankets are ideal for difficult, hard to light areas. All blankets are modular, and can be attached to each other and DMXed to create larger sources.

Sourcemaker LED blankets come in various sizes, and are designed to fit inside standard grip equipment. Accessories are available, including diffusion, skirts, mounting brackets and snapgrids.

  • Cinema quality LEDS (95+ CRI)
  • Fast all-in-one-setup
  • Combine multiple blankets
  • Sealed and secured individual ribbon strips
  • Swap colors in the same blanket fixture
  • Lightweight, roll up design
  • Grommets and velcro system to mount anywhere
  • Easy to ship and store - Can fit in carry on luggage
  • Optimized for Sourcemaker dimming products
  • Battery system compatible
  • Custom sizes upon request

The Sourcemaker 30A dimmer provides flicker free control on our high CRI LEDs. Our precision dimmer provides for low end control while keeping consistent color. It quickly connects to our 24v power supply and can be controlled by hand or DMX. You can daisy chain multiple dimmers to control larger light sources.

All power & control packages come with a custom pouch for the power supply and dimmer.

  • Smooth - accurate - flicker free
  • Pinpoint low end dimming
  • Independent daylight/tungsten adjustment
  • Local or dmx control
  • 12v or 24v compatible
  • OLED digital display
  • Silent operation
  • Rugged enclosure