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Bluff Bounce


Bluff Bounce was created by Danish cinematographer Nicholas Bluff. After moving to Brazil in 2019 and having to deal with a more harsh Brazilian sunlight, unlike the soft Scandinavian light, he spent a year testing and searching for fabrics to create a more natural way to bounce the light. Bluff Bounces are made to reflect the light in a more natural way than a white, silver or gold butterfly bounce would do. The white, silver and gold butterfly bounces were created at a time where film stocks really needed that extra punch to get the exposure. Bluff Bounces are great for the modern sensors and they bring more hues to the skin tones as well. The colors of the Bluff Bounces come into play with darker skin tones, as they can create some really beautiful colors. You can check out the work of Nicholas Bluff on Bluff Bounces are made in and shipped from Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are made of twill, a similar material used for work and army clothing, maintaining high quality and durability.