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Skynode RDM
Skynode RDM
Skynode RDM
Skynode RDM
Skynode RDM

Skynode RDM

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Skynode-RDM from Cinelex is a USB-powered wireless DMX receiver designed for direct integration with ARRI SkyPanel.

Using the common LumenRadio protocol, Skynode-RDM adds wireless DMX control in a simple plug & play manner.

Power is drawn from any 5V USB source, making Skynode a practical solution for numerous lights. With ARRI SkyPanel, Skynode docks neatly to the DMX XLR input and receives its power from the USB-A port directly below.

With a miraculously compact design – the largest component being its 5-pin XLR connector – Skynode remains discrete when docked to any light fixture.

Made for professionals, Skynode-RDM is robustly constructed and built to withstand tough rental & on-set environments.

Intelligent syncing guarantees a quick & easy setup procedure. Once synchronised to a transmitter – either a TRX in transmit mode or DESK-TX8 – wireless control becomes a straightforward reality.

Plug & play
Intelligent syncing using LumenRadio protocol
5V USB-powered
ARRI SkyPanel compatible
Compact design with robust construction

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