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PMI SmokeGENIE - Professional
PMI SmokeGENIE - Professional
PMI SmokeGENIE - Professional

PMI SmokeGENIE - Professional

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SmokeGENIE is designed to be the most POWERFUL and VERSATILE handheld smoke machine on the market.

It is a tool built for creative professionals.

  • 500 CFM Fog Power
  • MSDS-Certified Smoke for Food Safety
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Rechargeable, standard 18650 batteries
  • Instant Smoke, no waiing time
  • True Cinematic haze with long hang time
  • Magical, Dryice “Liquid Smoke” effect
  • Modular design, easy to replace heating chambers and batteries
  • LCD Display with Smart Interface


- 1x 2023 upgrade SmokeGENIE Handheld Smoke Device
- 1x Magic Remote
- 1x Silicone Extension Tube (30cm)
- 2x Shock-proof Chamber   
- 1x 120ml of Smoke formula Refill (1x 120ml bottle)
- 1x RC Haze Fan + Fan Dock
- 1 set of Precision Smoke-Shaping Nozzles (4pcs)
- 1x Liquid Smoke Nozzle
- 1x USB-C Charging Cable
- 1x 1/4" mount adapter
- 1x Protective Hard Case (fits everything)


This package requires 3x 18650 Li-ion batteries (2x for SmokeGENIE and 1x for Haze Adapter) and 1x 23A,12V battery (for the remote) 
Recommended Battery Specs:
Unprotected Flat Top Type, 10A or above, 3.5V or above, 3000mAh or above.