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Nanlite PJ-BM-36 Projector Mount for Bowens mount w/ 36° lens

Nanlite PJ-BM-36 Projector Mount for Bowens mount w/ 36° lens

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Compatible with Bowens Mount for More Intensity
PJ-BM-36 Projection Attachment have compatibility for NANLITE fixtures with Bowens Mount, seamlessly aligned with Forza 200, Forza 300/300B, Forza 500, FS-150, FS-200 and FS-300. By simply attaching it to the fixture, the output can be raised to another level.

The illuminance level of Forza 500 + PJ-BM-19 Projection Attachment at 3M equals to:

  • 11 times light only
  • 3 times with reflector
  • 1 time with Fresnel in spot 10°

Refine on the Precision Optics
A refined optical system is crafted to minimize color fringing around the edge of the illumination circle. Excellent light quality is thus accomplished to satisfy users’ pursuit of pinpoint accuracy in image.

Degree of homogeneity: 94%
Distortion: 0.5%
CCT Accuracy: 95%

Non-curved lens: help to improve degree of uniformity and eliminate chromatic aberration, effectively decrease distortion
Optical coating: improve transmittance and CCT accuracy value
Extinction treatment on the Lens’ inner wall: make the image more homogeneous and the edge of illumination circle sharper.

Versatile and Durable as Well
With an aluminum alloy die-cast metal body, PJ-BM-36 Projection Attachment strikes a balance between durability and weight. Its sturdy build and quality materials give users peace of mind in creation.

No mall Deal for Construction
The philosophy of design for unshakable stabilization brings about the brand new yoke. The combination of both 5/8” baby pin and 1-1/8” junior pin means it can be mounted to any light stand on the market.

Thorough protection for safe transportation PJ-BM-36 Projection Attachment and all of its accompanying accessories can be well packed inside a consolidated flight case, making transportation safety not a concern any longer.

In the Box

  • 36° Lens for Bowens mount Projection Attachment x 1
  • Bowens Mount Projection Attachment without Lens x 1
  • Silicone protective cap x 1
  • GOBO in B size x 4
  • GOBO Frame x 1
  • Gel Frame x 1
  • Flight Case x 1
  • User Manual x 1