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Nanlite Lens PJ-BM-LENS-36
Nanlite Lens PJ-BM-LENS-36

Nanlite Lens PJ-BM-LENS-36

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The 36° Nanlite Lens for Bowens Mount Projector is a dedicated, interchangeable lens for the Nanlite PJ-BM Projector. It provides a tight beam that adapts to shooting in smaller spaces, and it increases the light output. While the additional output is a huge bonus, the biggest benefits are the endless creative possibilities it provides.

Essential Light Shaping Tool

Lighting a shoot is incredibly creative, and when you add the PJ-BM projector mount and this lens, you can create eye-catching textured backgrounds and razor-sharp spot effects.

Increases Light Output

The 36° lens provides a substantially brighter output than the light only. It's far brighter than a light with a reflector and is often twice as bright as a light with a Fresnel lens.

Durable Aluminum Construction

This lens and the compatible projection attachment feature a durable aluminum construction that stands up to the rigors of production work.,

Ease of Use

Removing the current projection lens and swapping it for another is accomplished by removing a single screw. It only takes a few seconds and doesn't require any tools.