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Nanlite KIT Nanlite Forza 150 with FL-11 Fresnel
Nanlite KIT Nanlite Forza 150 with FL-11 Fresnel
Nanlite KIT Nanlite Forza 150 with FL-11 Fresnel
Nanlite KIT Nanlite Forza 150 with FL-11 Fresnel
Nanlite KIT Nanlite Forza 150 with FL-11 Fresnel

Nanlite KIT Nanlite Forza 150 with FL-11 Fresnel

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Forza 150 LED Monolight

Comprehensive upgrades in terms of intensity, control and interaction have been integrated into Forza 150 that allows for greater creative freedom for on-the-move lighting. This exciting addition to the Forza lineup is focused on offering more pragmatic functions and high output whilst being lightweight, which will undoubtedly make it a loyal partner for all professional content creators and filmmakers.

Light & Mighty to Imagine more
An all in one form factor weighing just 1.36kg and capable of outputting 27,960lux @ 1m (with reflector), the Forza 150 can comfortably be used for small projects as well as large production. Being lightweight with a mighty output will put no limits on your imagination.

Faithful Rendition, Visual Reality
Forza 150 excels at rendering the subtleties of lifelike color owing to the accuracy of high CRI of 96 and TLCI of 98 at 5600K, which can provide excellent color fidelity.

Simplicity over Complexity
Integrating the lamp head and control unit together ensures Forza 150 is optimized for simple on-the-move usage. A sturdy L-bracket mount, fewer cables and upgraded operating system, will let you create effortlessly at the press of a button and turn of a knob!

Control Light, Dominate Scene
Say no to miss-operation with an intuitive interface. Remote control can be easily accomplished either via Bluetooth direct connection to the Nanlink APP or via 2.4G with our Nanlink Box. Greater control DMX and RDM solutions now cater for more niche demands, the Forza 150 is created for creation.

CB-DMX-3.5C-1/2 DMX adapter cable (Optional)
The cable adapts 3.5mm plug to standard 5-pin dual XLR connectors (both male and female) to permit connection of fixtures to DMX console.

Apart from AC power supply, Forza 150 also features handheld V-mount battery grip options for swift mobile shooting scenarios. Its ergonomic handheld design allows for enhanced efficiency on set or location.

The Standard carrying bags feature generous partitions and sufficient protection, perfectly packed with room for a light stand wherever you go! 

FL-11 Fresnel Lens

The Nanlite FL-11 Fresnel Lens is a glass fresnel lens with an adjustable-length housing that focuses light output of the Nanlite Forza 60 and Forza 60B.

Dial In The Beam Angle
The FL-11's rotating barrel design enables beam angle adjustment from spot (10°) to flood (45°) with an intuitive twisting motion.

Increase Brightness
When set to a 10° spot the FL-11 can increase light output of the Forza 60 to a staggering 23860 Lux at 1 meter.

Includes Barndoors
The included metal barndoors enables further adjustment of the light output and control of spill.

Quick Change Modifier Mount
To keep up with the speed of production Nanlite kept the Forza 60 and Forza 60B modifier mount fast and simple. With one push of a button and a quarter turn you can swap out the FL-11 for any of the specifically designed Nanlite Forza 60 light modifiers.

Included in the kit:

  • Forza 150
  • Power adapter
  • Power cable 4.5m
  • Reflector
  • Bowens adapter
  • Carrying bag for Forza 150
  • User Manual
  • DMX reference guide
  • FL-11 Fresnel Lens
  • Barndoors
  • Padded Carry Case for FL-11