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Nanlite Kit Nanlite Battery 4500mah NP-F w/CN-58 charger

Nanlite Kit Nanlite Battery 4500mah NP-F w/CN-58 charger

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Kit with 1 x Nanlite battery 4500mah NP-F type + CN-58 2-1 charger.

NP-F750 type Li-Ion Battery is a 4,500mAh suitable for lights and panels. It can also be used by any other device that uses a Sony NP-F750 or NP-F970 original battery. The high capacity and long life will allow you to enjoy energy-intensive technology for long periods of time. The integrated protection circuit provides comprehensive protection against overload, overvoltage and short-circuits.

Dual purpose
Charge your camera battery from your computer or mains with an adaptor ( not included). Once your battery is fully charged you can use the Micro USB to transfer the charge to your smartphone or other device with USB or Micro USB input.
Compact size
With just one dual-purpose cable in a handy snap-case, this 2-in-1 charger measures 100 x 44 x 15mm.
High quality construction
Strong plastic outer for durability and enduring performance.
Wide compatibility
Charge Sony NP series batteries, or use as a power bank to charge a wide range of devices with USB or Micro USB input.