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Mini V-Lok Hotswap Camera Fitting

Mini V-Lok Hotswap Camera Fitting

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The adaptor will allow you to hot-swap your mini V-Lok batteries from our current range of batteries VL-M100 and VL-M150.

This setup for the mini batteries is similar to the stack-able battery systems currently available on the market for continuous power to your equipment, however differs in the advantage that you do not need to carry around dead weight, your batteries are technically always working with you and for you!

This adapter has been fitted with a intelligent LED system to determine battery status against the total amount of current being drawn this will give you confidence to know when your battery needs to be changed. The LED will come on and flash at 12.7v and under meaning that your battery will soon need to be changed.

Unit comes equipped and fitted with 2x Power-con outputs.

  • Low battery status indicator
  • Hot-swap feature
  • 2x Power-Con outputs
  • Mini VL fittings
  • Size: 15.5x10x2.5cm
  • Weight: 264g
  • Output Types: 2x Power-con (D-tap)
  • Compatible with: V-Lok/V-Mount