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I-PWC adaptor allows you to use a 11v-17v battery to power your laptop or mobile phone device. 

The I-PWC provides a hard-wired power-con (D-Tap) lead which can be connected to an external battery, your device can then be connected with your equipment's power cord. The unit will recognise the voltage of your equipment and regulate the battery voltage to match your device. The USB-A outlet supports Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 meaning the I-PWC will charge compatible devices up to 95% faster compared to a normal charging device.

Hawk-Woods have designed the I-PWC with professionals in mind who use their devices to process graphics and to power external devices such as Terri-Byte hard drives and laptops. Our product allows you to work on the go, out in the field without the worry of running out of charge and having to find mains power.

The I-PWC supports all power delivery functions for USB-C devices including the MacBook 12", MacBook Pro 13", 15", it also supports most Lenovo, HP, Dell & google devices, check your equipment's specifications. This product is not compatible with the latest 16" MacBook.

Our product has two outputs;
Firstly the USB-C output at 60W
- This will run devices at 5v, 9v, 12v, 15v and 20v @ 3A.

Secondly a USB-A output at 18W
- This will run devices at 3.6v-6.5v@3A, 6.5v-9v@2A, 9v-12v@1.5A.