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Area 48 Soft 12V
Brother Brother Sons

Area 48 Soft 12V

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The AREA-48 LED represents the next-generation in lighting technology for studio and location work.

Remote Phosphor tecnology greatly improves color rendering, consistency, softness and light output.The system’s color rendering accuracy is over 97 TLCI, with HD and 4K-friendly soft light output comparable to a 1K traditional soft light.

Multiple power options including battery or standard AC power.

Moreover, the phosphor panels themselves are interchangeable, allowing you to quickly change the fixture from Daylight to Tungsten, to Chroma-Green, all in a matter of seconds. BBS’s AREA-48 LED: High-Output, Great Color, and the option to Run on Batteries.

Included: Media Chroma Blue , Power Supply, Barndoors.