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Updating to Euro

First of all we wanna thank you for 2018 and it is already end of January into year 2019, time flies fast these days.

In the next couple of days we will do some updating on web, first of we will change currency from SEK (Swedish Kronor) to Euro. So in the next couple of days pricing might be off since we have to change all the pricing into Euro. 

The Area48 Color is about to launch, Pipeline Reflect been a great success and also the lil handy Compact Beam Light been welcomed warmly, we are also out there looking for the new good stuff that might be handy for the business, and there are a bunch of new stuff coming in :).

One of the new things that are coming and we are happy to announce to our collection is Honeycrates:

The superior honeycomb construction utilizes six sides and has been incorporated into a durable fiberglass frame. The unique design all but eliminates sag and adds more lighting control in both vertical and horizontal cuts. The only soft fabric lighting control grid with a lifetime warranty on the frame.”

Honeycrates makes all kind of grids for butterfly, overhead, lightboxes and of course to LED lights. These we are free to distribute in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland , Baltic States and also U.K. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding Honeycrates. 

Litra has made a new Torch .2 we will have samples in from that hopefully during next week.

1-2Feb we will attend BSC in London come poke us in booth 322.

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