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Introducing the Gaffers Control

We have brought in the Gaffers Control to our stock, this will be available for rental and sale.

In December we will run a pre order campaign in Scandinavia, Iceland and Baltics for the Gaffers Control (WDMX or Lumen Radio), make sure to get yours in January 2018. Please contact us for pre orders, demo or rental.

Rental Price: 550 SEK/ Day 

Sale Price: 25.800 SEK


”With its robust design this DMX controller is a fixed value on set. Through its intuitive programming and uncomplicated method of operating an extensive background knowledge is unnecessary. Once the fixtures have been added, manipulation is very easy. All fixtures, their DMX-addresses and their intensity are easily consulted on one and the same screen. The built-in battery and WDMX-transmitter allow for a complete freedom of movement along the set.”

Download manual click here


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