Two new Savior Clamps from 9.Solutions

9.Solutions has made two new Savior Clamps and of course we brought them in to our stock. These are available for pre order from today, we have demo version for those who want to play with them and as always we keep stock on all 9.Solutions products at the warehouse in Stockholm.

Savior Clamp with Stud  Savior Clamp with Socket 

The Savior Clamp has unique, articulating jaws that can fit firmly onto any oddly shaped object. Whether mounting on round, square, or flat objects, the peak-and-valley design of the jaw allows for multiple points of contact, ensuring a strong grip every time.

The Savior Clamp is tapped with one 1/4”-20 and one 3/8”-16 female threaded hole on each of the jaws. This makes it possible to mount multiple pieces of equipment on one clamp.

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