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LFX Master DMX from Movie-intercom

We are a proud partner with Movie-intercom that develops the LFX Master DMX and Movie-intercom are at the moment working on an update with new settings , trigger function, etc.

Hopefully out in late February, stay tuned !

The Gaffers Control work excellent with the LFX Master DMX.

Device Presets

Sale price: 14.995 SEK 

Rental: Please contact us


Create a realistic looking fire effect using a single Skypanel-C controlled by the LFX Master DMX.

Remarkable color shifts here used with gel “Gold Amber” and “Light Red” using the x-fade feature of the fixture with the Dim channel 3 of the LFX Master DMX.

Choose arbitrary gels in the LFX Master DMX OUT control panel.

For fire effects with flickering shadows use three SkyPanels-C attached close to each other


Fire effect of LFX Master DMX flicker box with remote controlled SkyPanel-C

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