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Dedolight Precision Optics


Appreciative of the Orion's color management, for the first time dedolight has designed and manufactured optics for another manufacturer's lights: The Prolycht Orion 675 FS and 300 FS - and with a Bowens mount.

Dedo's optics for the Orion series includes 4 staples of Dedolight optics: An adaptation of the DP400 projector with 2 variations for regular focal or wide angle lenses, a 1:4 Zoom lens from Spot (300 FS: 8.5º or 675 FS: 6.9º) to Flood (300 FS: 36º or 675 FS: 33º), a Wide-angle Adapter (extends the 300 FS native flood from 50º to 80º) and a compact Parallel Beam Intensifier ideal for working with Reflective light.