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Force 7 - Now ready for Rental


We are happy to announce that we now keep a rental stock of Force 7 5600K.

The complete kit contains a Force 7 with barrel and a Source Four 19° Lens.

DMX512 DMX in and DMX out for daisy chaining 8/16bit dimming 0-100%. Ultra fast strobe channel, max 4 channels. 

Max power consumption:
185 W. – 1.9 Amp @ 100V – 1,6 Amp @ 120V. 0,8Amp @ 240V

Please contact us for quoations or any questions.

650 SEK day/3 Day Week


- Significantly more powerfull,

- Color rendition with a CRI at 97+

- Has an extremely even field

- Straight, clean cuts with the shutters

- Perfect focus and really crisp gobo projection.

- No spill or straylight

- The most even field in the business due to the High quality condenser lens system

- Absolutely no double shadows in or out of focus.

- No color temperature shift when dimmed.


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