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Area 48 Color


As an addition to the Area studio and soft remote phosphor softlights, we hereby present the Area 48 Color.

The Area 48 Color is the most compact full color unit available on the market today. With 150 watt and a good 12.000 lumen output the Area 48 Color delivers stunning saturated and tinted colors as well as clean white light in both ends of the spectrum with high CRI.

The Area 48 Color is color tweaking with white leds ( bicolor ) and in addition to that, RGB has been added.

Area 48 Color is the most powerful compact softlight available in the market today at only 4 kilogrammes ( 8,8 LBS ) the convection cooled unit is unique.

Area 48 Color has on board touch screen for local control and of course runs on DMX / RDM as well.


There is a full range of dop choice softboxes, snapgrids and diffusers available for the Area 48 Color.


Features are:

- High CRI all through the white range

- Full (light) power in 5600K and 3200K 

- RGB + white + white

- Excellent for strobing

- Lightweight

- Compact

- High quality leds with extreme binning system

- White light range between 1800 and 10.000 Kelvin.

- Plus / minus green, plus/minus magenta setting.

- excellent dimming 16 bit from 0,001% to 100 %

- Totally flicker free, can be used for real high speed shoots.

- Superfast synced strobe

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