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AVG Combo Wheel Set of 3
AVG Combo Wheel Set of 3

AVG Combo Wheel Set of 3

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  • Designed for square legs that measure 20x20mm or 25x25mm
  • Braked wheels in silver for steel or aluminum silver stands
  • Wheel diameter Ø: 100 mm/3.93''
  • A9000N fits junior & baby stands. Capacity: 90 kg/198 lbs.
  • Check Avenger stand for wheel compatibility

The Avenger A9000N 100 mm Ø braked wheels are designed to fit chrome steel and chrome aluminum stands with square legs which are 20 mm x 20 mm (0.8 inch x 0.8 inch) or 25 mm x 25 mm (0.98 inch x 0.98 inch). This set of 3 braked wheels comes complete with the mounting hardware and the locking screw and nut. These wheels fit many stands such as Avenger combo stands and Combi Boom stands. Recommended Accessories: G100-2, G200-1, 087WBK, A1020CS, A1035CS, A1045CS, A4050CS, A3042CS, C1575B, E600, C500