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Astera AF250 LeoFresnel

Astera AF250 LeoFresnel

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Astera’s LeoFresnel is as an exceptional solution for film, studio, and event lighting. LeoFresnel boasts an impressive output comparable to a traditional 1000W Tungsten Fresnel. With a beam angle of 15° to 60° without color fringing, wireless and wired DMX control, these lights offer impressive performance while consuming only 250 W. Easy to mount and adjust with removable handles and YokeBases, they enhance creativity and productivity on any set.

2 hours on MAX Runtime
Unlike traditional Fresnels, this light has a built-in battery that lasts 2 hours displaying white colors on MAX Brightness. When a longer operation is needed, you can set the Seamless Runtime setting up to 20 hours. For longer installations, LeoFresnel can be connected to AC power via Powercon in+out sockets.

With RuntimeExtender
For a longer operational time, one or two RuntimeExtender’s with V-Mount or Gold Mount battery can be connected. With one 14.4V battery, the light can be operated on reduced power. A single 26V battery or two 14.4V batteries allow full power output.

When external batteries are connected, you can select if the light uses the internal or external battery first. This can be set directly on the lights display or via the AsteraApp.

LED Power Draw: 250W
Equivalent to: 1000W Tungsten