Ledmaster Pulse

Ledmaster Pulse

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Ledmaster Pulse integrates a V-Lock socket and the high efficiency uBoost step-up converter.

The converter boosts and regulates the battery voltage to 24VDC so that you can optimally power your LED lighting device regardless of the battery’s charge level.

The efficiency can reach 98% depending on the battery voltage, which allows a longer battery life.

Ledmaster Pulse embeds many technologies that allow it to be used with a multitude of LED panels whose power remains below 108W.

  •  3 selectable CCT range : 2200k-6500K, 2600k-6200k, 2700k-6500k
  •  2 independent 4,5A channels, 108W max
  •  DMX 512 decoder
  •  2 operating modes: Tunable White / special FX
  •  Trigger input
  •  32kHz PWM frequency
  •  4 CCT presets (3200K, 4000K, 4300K, 5600K)
  •  Analog potentiometers for dimming
  •  Digital encoder for CCT and others settings
  •  LED display



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