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Compact Beamlight WIDE-5600K (17°)
Compact Beamlight WIDE-5600K (17°)
Compact Beamlight WIDE-5600K (17°)
Brother Brother Sons

Compact Beamlight WIDE-5600K (17°)

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Every BB&S CBL 1 comes with a standard yoke for easy mounting. Each of the 14 fixtures offers the identical 1.5 kg/3.3-lbs weight and dimensions (165mm long and 140mm diameter). This allows them to be simply re-positioned within the same grid brackets or clamps as others in the CBL 1 family.
BB&S Compact Beamlights come complete with a 3-pin XLR and 1.5 meter cable. They can be operated and dimmed in several ways starting with the optional BB&S 4-Way Controller. It runs up to 4 of the lights individually and is prepared for optional wireless DMX control or built-in DMX 512 RDM in/out with a 48V power supply. Utilizing the 4-Way Control Box, the fixtures are fully dimmable (100% to zero) without color shift or flicker. The control offers 8- or 16-bit DMX and manual dimming plus strobe.
Another control method for single lights is via the optional BB&S 40 Watt Driver/Dimmer with 3-pin XLR connector that can be used with either a PSU or battery. For battery operation, a 40-Watt Driver/Dimmer and inline D-Tap cable work with a 14.4V V-Lock or Anton/Bauer battery. Or resourceful gaffers have the option of incorporating standard drivers that operate off 12V.

Data about the CBL´s can be found below, clicking the links.

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